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The Suzuki Jimny 1980: A Compact Off-Road Icon Suzuki Jimny 1980: A Compact Off-Road Icon-The Suzuki Jimny is a renowned series of four-wheel drive off-road mini SUVs that has been manufactured and marketed by Japanese automaker Suzuki since 1970. With its compact size and off-road capabilities, the Jimny has gained a global reputation for its versatility and rugged design.


The Suzuki Jimny comes with a range of features that cater to both off-road enthusiasts and urban drivers. Some of the notable features include:

  • VVT 1.5L engine
  • Standard 5-speed transmission
  • Optional 4-speed transmission
  • 6.9* (automatic) L/100km combined fuel economy
  • 6.4* (manual) L/100km combined fuel economy
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Vehicle Hold Assist (VHA)
  • Advanced Rider Assistance Systems
  • Full-color 6.5” TFT display
  • Traction control
  • LED Cornering Lights
  • Grip Heaters
  • Tough and rugged design for off-road capabilities
  • ALLGRIP PRO for on and off-road mastery
  • Ample space and practical storage for everyday needs

Global Success

The Suzuki Jimny has achieved success in various markets worldwide, with its off-road prowess and compact size making it a popular choice for adventure seekers and urban drivers alike. Its simple, straightforward, and sensible design has garnered a dedicated following, and its capability to tackle the harshest weather and terrain has made it a go-to choice for those seeking adventure.

Appeal and Recognition

The Jimny's appeal lies in its honesty, unpretentious nature, and surprising capability at doing what it was designed to do. Despite being slower and more basic compared to modern compact SUVs, the Jimny's character, charm, and off-road capabilities make it a standout choice for those who appreciate a genuine and engaging driving experience.


The Suzuki Jimny, also known as the LJ80, is a compact off-road mini SUV that has left a lasting impact on the automotive industry. Here's an overview of the Suzuki Jimny from the 1980s:

Historical Significance

  • The LJ80 was a pivotal model in the history of the Suzuki Jimny, representing a significant milestone in the evolution of the series.
  • The LJ80 was part of the first generation of the Jimny, which was introduced in 1970 and continued to evolve through subsequent generations.

Features and Upgrades

  • The 1980 Suzuki LJ80 Jimny featured a series of upgrades to enhance its off-road capabilities while retaining its retro charm.
  • Upgrades included new intergalactic stardust metallic paintwork, a rebuilt engine and gearbox, and a heavy-duty 2” suspension lift.
  • The LJ80 was one of the few 4x4s that maintained a smaller form factor throughout its production run, distinguishing it from larger off-road vehicles of its time.

Evolution and Export

  • In 1972, Suzuki introduced the LJ20, an improved version of the LJ80, featuring a water-cooled engine and a modernized exterior design.
  • The LJ20 marked the beginning of the Jimny's export journey, expanding Suzuki's market presence in various international markets.

Continued Legacy

  • The LJ80 and its subsequent generations, such as the SJ30, SJ40, SJ410, and SJ413, contributed to the Jimny's enduring legacy as a compact and capable off-road vehicle.

The 1980 Suzuki LJ80 Jimny, with its rugged design and off-road capabilities, played a significant role in shaping the reputation and appeal of the Suzuki Jimny series.

When looking for parts for a Suzuki Jimny from 1980, there are several options available from various suppliers. Here are some sources where you can find Suzuki Jimny parts:

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These sources can be valuable for obtaining various parts for the Suzuki Jimny from 1980, including body parts, engine parts, and even complete vehicles for salvage or restoration purposes.


The Suzuki Jimny's legacy as a compact off-road icon continues to thrive, with its rugged design, off-road capabilities, and global recognition cementing its status as a beloved vehicle for adventure enthusiasts and urban drivers alike.